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  • Ministers are set to delay the consultation on airport capacity until the Autumn reports The Times (£):

Justine Greening, the Transport Secretary, will confound expectations by saying that the Government will delay until later this year a consultation on how to maintain a global hub.

The aviation policy paper she publishes tomorrow will be restricted to proposals on emissions, night flights, noise levels and regional airports. Ms Greening will say that the Government is ready to listen to arguments on expanding Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted, or building a new airport in the Thames estuary — but not until the autumn.

  • Richard Deakin, Chief Executive of NATS has spoken about the challenges posed on many fronts by the existence of both an estuary airport and Heathrow [The Telegraph].
  • And the 'pub debates' on the subject continue with two South-East MPs taking opposing stances [BBC] and even Sir Richard Branson weighing in [Reuters ].
  • Andrew Neather argues in the Standard that the Government needs to listen to the will of London's voters when considering airport expansion.
  • Meanwhile, Lord Foster has identified a funding route for the estuary airport [FT].
  • Finally, London Loves Business has highlighted a call by a coalition of interests to cut airport departure taxes.


  • TfL have enabled WiFi at 40 stations on the Tube network so far.
  • One London cab firm is offering free WiFi for its customers [Tech Watch].