News digest: the latest on London transport

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On the buses

  • Unite members are planning a 24 hour walkout on Friday over a claim that they should receive an additional £500 for working during the Olympic games.
  • The strike may have knock-on effects on the Tube, with the RMT's Bob Crow claiming that the increased numbers may cause stations to close on health & safety grounds [Standard].
  • TfL say the dispute is between private bus operating companies and their employees, not TfL. They also dispute the need to close Tube stations should the strike go ahead.
  • And on the buses… TfL are reporting that 24% of bus services will be disrupted during the Games due to diversions, suspensions and route changes [BBC].


  • The Prime Minister has confirmed that expansion of Heathrow remains off the political agenda [PA].
  • The Telegraph disagrees with this interpretation and makes a valid point: "In the next three years China will build 70 new airports, while Britain will produce only a strategy document."
  • Daniel Moylan, Deputy Chair of TfL makes the case for rapid action in the Standard.
  • The Mayor has backed construction of a second runway at Stansted [FT].

Cable Car

  • As already mentioned in brief, the Emirates Airline is due to open to passengers on 28 June [BBC News].


  • Nokia are offering geographic mapping of the Underground map on their devices [Nokia].
  • And a reminder.. Mind the Map is running at the London Transport Museum until 28 October.