Newslinks: London's latest transport news

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  • Heathrow Express staff are set to gain a £700 bonus for working on the service during the Olympics.
  • Dave Hill looks at the cable car, wonders if it will be open for the Olympics, and how we're going to pay to use it [Guardian].
  • The FT examines the threat of a bus strike during the Olympics and compares the different bonus packages being paid to transport workers.


  • Headline of the month goes to the BBC: Green man 'too fast for slow elderly'.
  • And while people are struggling to cross the roads, it would appear that we're soon going to have trouble driving on them. Tom Edwards looks into TfL's recommendation that cars should avoid central London from 14 July: "Londoners are absolutely crucial to the transport plan. Without us changing our working patterns and routes, the queues, the congestion and the cramped conditions will be much much worse".
  • TfL have agreed terms for charging firms up to £2,500 a day for causing disruptive roadworks in congested areas or at busy times of the day [TfL].

Connected Transport

  • ZDNet takes a look at the Virgin WiFi service available at certain Tube stations and asks how good it is.
  • While thinkbroadband examine claims that Alcatel-Lucent are working to deliver network access throughout the Underground.
  • No date has been set for the introduction of the 'wave and pay' scheme on the transport network (which was originally due to be ready by the start of the Games) - [MayorWatch].


  • The Evening Standard reports the state of pay at TfL - with over 365 staff being paid over £100,000 per year.


  • Ian Jack, for The Guardian, asks if the Hoo peninsular is any place for an airport: "...the countryside is prettier and hillier than you expect. On a hot day last week, workers from Poland and Bulgaria were spreading straw across fields of strawberries while the knapped flint of Hoo's several 13th-century churches shone in the sun."
  • The BBC are hosting a 'Head to Head' between Lord Glendonbrook (former BMI Chief Michael Bishop) and John McDonnell MP, discussing the future of London aviation.