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  • As Birmingham Airport's passenger numbers increase, the BBC takes a look at the strategy in place for the airport to exploit London's lack of capacity: "it's been predicted that passenger numbers in Britain will increase by another 125 million by 2030… with Heathrow full and Gatwick nearing capacity, it's clear the South East will soon have a capacity problem unless something is done". Read on here.
  • The Standard profiles Honk Kong's airport and speaks to CK Ng, it's Chief Executive. His verdict?  “My simple answer is yes, it can be done,” said Mr Ng. “Everything is possible if there is money.”
  • But there is a potential problem with progressing in the Thames Estuary: the SS Richard Montgomery.

New Transport

Christian Wolmar discusses the ULTra pods at Heathrow airport:

"On the face of it, the very idea of individualized public transit seems contradictory and perhaps that is why schemes have attracted scepticism from both the Left and Right of the political spectrum. The Right see it as just another way of wasting government money, the Left as a way of individualizing public transport."

Read on here.

Tube flooding

"The Earth Moved." Sadly the Standard hasn't carried the headline from its print article to the web.

Quite rightly, the Guardian asks what this means for the Olympics. (At time of writing, the Central Line is now reporting a good service.)


TfL have announced the list of 80 stations which will see free WiFi enabled this summer.


  • It looked like we had the all clear, but the 'Boris Bike' staff are balloting to strike over their increased Olympic workload [BBC News].
  • The Telegraph profiles the Heathrow Games Terminal built for athletes and officials arriving this summer.

Other News

  • Lord Adonis has attacked the Government for 'dither and delay' over HS2 [BBC].
  • The Mayor has backed a tram extension to Crystal Palace [This is Local London].