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The latest transport newslinks are below. If we've missed something, please get in touch.

Election 2012

Green candidate Jenny Jones has called for City airport to be closed down [BBC].

Boris Johnson has pledged to 'bear down on fares' next year if elected [Evening Standard].

In an interview with businessGreen, Independent candidate Siobhan Benita makes the argument that an expanded Heathrow can be reconciled with a green agenda:

"All the evidence shows the best option is to expand the national hub we already have. Building a whole new airport in the Thames Estuary would be disastrous for the environment, while putting additional runways at Gatwick or Stansted would lead to more journeys in between."

- all freshly-minted policies are added to our Election 2012 page, here -


The Standard asks if London can go Dutch?

"Amsterdam, with many equally narrow streets, did not begin its development as a cycling city until the Seventies, before which the UK’s and the Netherlands’s cycling profile looked similar. Today, when around just three per cent of journeys in London are made by bike, that figure is 47 per cent in Amsterdam — 14 per cent more than in 1991."

London Olympics

Get Ahead of the Games has been launched, outlining the effect that Olympic planners expect the Games to have on the transport network...

…telling us things such as the fact that London Bridge is to be an exit only station during at least one evening peak [Evening Standard].

All three towers and the steel cable have now been installed for the Emirates Airline [London24].


Birmingham Airport's Chief Executive has rubbished claims that a lack of capacity in London's airports is driving away Chinese business [Guardian].

In other news...
A Tube map of Scotland's 283 munroes? Tubular Fells have one for you here.
A cruise terminal has been approved at Greenwich [Telegraph].
Wired reports on a UCL study about adapting TfL's data to 'squeeze more utility out of existing infrastructure.'