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The latest transport newslinks are below. If we've missed something, please get in touch.


"It is enormously important to the country and the city that the Games are a success; they cannot succeed if the transport system does not run flawlessly. So Aslef, the drivers’ union, like the RMT, has shamelessly made the most of its position."

The Standard has a strident commentary on the negotiating position struck by the unions over Olympic pay and hours.

ITV News carries a few pictures of the new Emirates Air Line (the project formerly known as the cable car scheme running from the Dome to ExCel).


Emirates have proposed introducing night flights to Heathrow [FT].

MPs have expressed concerns that Heathrow may not be ready to cope with the influx of visitors expected for the Olympics [Metro].


HS2 have downgraded the figures detailing the economic benefits derived from going ahead with the high-speed rail scheme [Guardian].

Election 2012

"...those Londoners who'd like to become cyclists but don't like the odds of getting killed or injured cycling on London's roads, have an easy decision about how to cast their two mayoral votes on 3 May…"

Dave Hill takes a look at the candidates' cycling policies and declares the winner(s).

Ken Livingstone marked Fares Action Day with a train ride from Bromley to Charing Cross [ITV].

Boris Johnson has promised to continue to make prudent transport investments if elected [BBC].

"Cost, overcrowding and punctuality are the prevalent concerns for able-bodied passengers however for disabled people, just being able to have access to public transport is top of their concerns."

The BBC looks at the transport issues which are of most concern to disabled people in the run up to the election.

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