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Election 2012

The candidates went face to face on Newsnight last night and (when they weren't talking about their tax arrangements) discussed transport policy. The BBC has the clip:

Elsewhere, Sustrans, comparing the frontrunner's transport manifestos, comes out in favour of Ken Livingstone []…

…which could make the debate which The Times and Sustrans are sponsoring on April 30 about cycle safety somewhat awkward.

Jenny Jones, the Green Party candidate, has spoken about one of the key strands of her transport policy: ensuring that taking public transport is cheaper than driving.

The BBC has launched a guide to the candidates' policies (more than just transport here) on this page.

- all Election 2012 stories are also added to our running tally of the candidates' policies, here -

Non-election news

Google has added live Tube data to its maps service [Tech Radar].

It turns out that ASLEF drivers could earn up to £6,200 extra for working shifts over the Olympics [Evening Standard].