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The latest transport newslinks are below. If we've missed something, please get in touch.


The Chair of the Commons' Energy and Climate Change Committee has called on the Government to drop its opposition to a third runway at Heathrow [BBC].

Wired takes a look at the future of the airport:

But one glance at the triangular island airports make you wonder, “Where are the runways?” This is where Andrew’s imaginative vision kicks in. Freed from the constraint of conventional aircraft, which require runways more than a mile long, Andrew based his design on “vertical takeoff with hypersonic jets capable of flying at the edge of space.”

Not likely to employed in London any time soon but it, and the competition which inspired it, are well worth a look.

The Chief Executive of the International Airlines Group (and former BA chief) has called UK aviation policy 'an unholy mess' [BBC].


WiFi will be provided to 80 stations ahead of the Olympics and 120 by the end of the year by Virgin:

Starting in July, Tube passengers will be able to connect for free. After the Olympics, WiFi at Tube stations will be made available as part of Virgin Media's broadband and mobile subscriptions. [ZeeNews].

TfL are confident that they can avoid strikes over the Olympic period [Reuters].

The Olympic road closures have been announced [BBC].

The FT goes into detail on the Olympic transport co-ordination centre:

Officials stress that £6.5bn has been invested in infrastructure to help ensure that the focus is on sport – not transport – when the world is watching. Capacity has been increased on the Jubilee and Central lines, two of the arteries that will carry spectators to the Olympic park in Stratford, and about £125m has been spent on giving the rail station a much-needed facelift.

Transport Transformations

London24 takes a look at some of the transport transformations taking place in London.

Farewell to the fluffers? LU looks to have a tunnel cleaning train running by the end of the year [Railway Gazette International].

The Guardian looks at the tech transformation taking place at TfL.

Oyster cards (sorry, Oyster-like cards…) for regular rail services across the UK? The Government is considering the idea [Wired].

The BBC reports on the 'metal moles' which are about to commence large scale tunnelling in London for CrossRail.

Election 2012

Dave Hill is continuing his Manifesto for a Model Mayor. The latest chapters, on Cycling and Walking and the Environment, have been published.

City analysts have been quick to cast doubts on the financial viability of Ken Livingstone's pledge to cut fares [Evening Standard].

The Mayor has pledges to improve Tube reliability by 30% by 2015 [Sutton Guardian].

Ken Livingstone has pledged, if elected, to take the Government to court over HS2 [Uxbridge Gazette].

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