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The latest transport newslinks are below. If we've missed something, please get in touch.


West Londoners feel that the Government are ignoring their concerns over HS2 [BBC].


Opodo reports on Heathrow's redeveloped second terminal.

Stansted has relaunched its terminal following a £100m revamp [Evening Standard].

Seventy business leaders have written to the Sunday Telegraph calling on the Government to include Heathrow expansion in its upcoming airport review:

Growth won’t wait - while there are more ambitious long-term projects for aviation that can be examined, in the near term Heathrow must continue to be part of the solution if the UK is not to miss out on vital trading opportunities. With economic recovery so fragile we cannot afford to cut our country off from growth and jobs.

You can read the full letter here.

The land earmarked for a potential estuary airport has been given status as a wildlife haven [BBC].


The Times (£) has sobering news:

The number of badly injured cyclists treated by a major London hospital has almost trebled over six years, it emerged today.


The Mayor has been defending his plan for driverless trains following a young boy's fall onto the tracks [BBC]…

the Standard weighs in on what this means… and Dave Hill examines how such trains would work [The Guardian].


17m Oyster cards, carrying a value of £55m, are currently being used as bookmarks, or gathering dust at the bottom of drawers. Tom Edwards reports.

Election 2012

Dave Hill has launched a Manifesto for a Modern Mayor, calling on readers to submit their ideas for policies. His crowd sourced transport page can be found here.

- all Election 2012 stories are also added to our running tally of the candidates' policies, here -