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The latest transport newslinks are below. It's a short edition today. If we've missed something, please get in touch.

Election 2012

There's plenty of election-related content at the moment. Londonist takes a look at the 'fares vs investment' argument:

"Like Boris, Ken is also no stranger to increasing tube fares, even after making pre-election promises to hold them down which later turned out to be misleading. So while a short-term cut at the ticket gates would be good for our wallets, it may turn out to be something of a pyrrhic victory for the former mayor should he be successful in his re-election bid."

Meanwhile, Ken Livingstone has taken aim at 'Boris Island':

"He believes a new hub to the east of the capital would inevitably mean the closure of Heathrow and could lead to thousands of job losses in the area." Read on.

While the Mayor has taken aim at Mr Livingstone's plans to make 1/3 of the Tube step-free: "With his record of waste and financial mismanagement, Mr Livingstone appears intent on bringing TfL to its knees." [Evening Standard].

Transport strategy?

The London Assembly Transport Committee has said that the Mayor's riverboat strategy suffers from a "lack of strategic planning." [BBC].

Dave Hill has pulled apart the Mayor's claims on the bike rental scheme: "Value for money? For whom?"

And finally...

The RMT have claimed that their staff are "under attack" due to the posting of misleading information about delays to Underground services [PA].

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