Newslinks | 5th October 2007

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CrossRail Several sources lead with the news that after three days of all-but-announcements, CrossRail has now been officially announced:

Crossrail will provide 24 trains an hour into the heart of London from the east and west, improving rail links to the West End, the City and the Docklands business district.

As well as adding capacity to London's overcrowded tube network, it will improve links to Heathrow and other airports.

[from the BBC]

World's Best Transport

Following yesterday's announcement that London has been voted best transport system in the world for the second year running, the Independent carries a far more balanced view of the network:

"London's achievement in the survey is all the more remarkable as the safety of its transport network has been questioned in recent months. Last week, Tube drivers on three lines staged a one-day wildcat strike, which stemmed from mounting concerns over the emergency braking system of the trains. The single-storey bendy buses, brought in by Mr Livingstone, have also been criticised over safety standards."