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The latest transport newslinks are below. If we've missed something, please get in touch.


TfL has confirmed that it shall be holding a cycle safety review [TfL].

As covered a few days ago, the Exhibition Road shared space is now open [Kensington & Chelsea Chronicle].

TfL has revealed the new design for Euston Circus [TfL].

Is the Mayor about to announce improvements to the Tube and roundabout at Elephant and Castle? [London SE1].

We'll let the Standard's headline speak for itself: Boris misses his 100,000 electric car target... by 98,000


As you may have noticed, it's been really cold recently. Here's TfL on the snow, and the BBC on Heathrow.

Tom Edwards reviews how London coped.


London First has called for all airport options to be considered and has criticised the Government for ruling out a third runway at Heathrow [Reuters].

Christian Wolmar says that 'Boris Island' is a non-runner:

"With Boris Island, though, any rational analysis would soon knock the idea on the head. London, according to the Department’s own previous Aviation White Paper, does not need two hub airports. Therefore, Heathrow would have to be closed down, or reduced to catering to low cost and charter airlines. That is not going to happen."

Strikes look set to go ahead by Heathrow Express staff [BBC].

The Birmingham Post has sponsored a debate: Boris Island vs Birmingham Airport.

Transport changes

WiFi is coming to the Tube this year, says TfL's CIO [].

Tom Edwards takes a look at the new King's Cross concourse [BBC].

The Guardian examines whether the Oyster card will be with us for much longer.

TfL has begun a consultation on its proposed new river crossings [The Wharf].

Election 2012

Dave Hill examines the politics behind the Mayor's transport claims [The Guardian].

The Mayor has echoed Ken Livingstone's call for all London rail services to be brought under his control [BBC London ].

Dick Murray from the Standard examines what this means:

"The Mayor's plan to take over the London end of rail commuter lines is good in theory - but fraught with practical problems.

"It has been tried before - when Ken Livingstone was Mayor - and partly abandoned."

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