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The latest transport newslinks below. If we've missed something, please get in touch.

Tube troubles

TfL has handed back around £1m a year in refunds to customers due to late or delayed trains [International Business Times].

London Travelwatch has released a study saying that staffing levels at Tube barriers is inadequate and often information screens are not up to date [BBC News].

Local councils are saving money by switching off lights - it turns out that neighbouring Tube stations can't do the same [BBC].


Following the announcement that part of the route of HS2 will be covered by tunnels, a group of London residents have demanded the same:

"The Government isn't going to be able to compensate us for the blight HS2 will be. We are determined to fight for the tunnel and save our community." [Evening Standard]

Elsewhere, campaigners against the project are seeking a judicial review on the Government's decision [BBC].

Estuary Airport

London Loves Business asks the pertinent question: Will Boris Island Take Off?

Lord Foster says that we need to regain our Victorian spirit to build an estuary airport [The Telegraph].

The Independent considers the Battle of Boris Island.

The Prime Minister has a battle to face with his own MPs if the airport is to be given the go-ahead [Evening Standard].

Or perhaps it's better to scrap the whole idea and expand Biringham Airport? MP Lorely Burt wants us to [Birmingham Post].

Finally, Nick Robinson authored a thoughtful programme for Radio 4 considering how the decision making process works for a project such as an airport here.

Election 2012

Ken Livingstone wants the Mayor of London to have all suburban rail services under his control [BBC News].

The former Mayor's Fare Deal for London has come under scrutiny [Channel 4 Fact Check].

Simon Jenkins makes the point that the next Mayor needs to wrestle control from Whitehall [Evening Standard].

- all Election 2012 stories are also added to our running tally of the candidates' policies, here -

In other news

Londonist asked last week what the worst Tube stations in London were. Now, they list the best.

Mobile Marketing claims that WiFi will be available on all Tube platforms, ticket offices and escalators by the Olympics.

Transport (but not London) related, The Economist carries a fascinating article about transport planning and delivery:

"...Transit agencies hardly help matters by printing maps where all lines seem to promise the “same kind of product,” when, in fact, one line may run every ten 10 minutes and the other twice a day. “A transit map that makes all the lines look equal,” writes Walker, “is like a road map that doesn’t show the difference between a freeway and a gravel road.” "