Newslinks | 4th October 2007

The NewsEditor

CrossRail The Guardian carries an in-depth story of CrossRail's history, and the recent vote by the City to offer £300m in funding for the project:

Crossrail, the biggest transport infrastructure project in the UK since the Channel tunnel rail link, is set to go ahead after the City agreed financial backing for the £16bn scheme. The City of London Corporation approved the final piece in a complex funding jigsaw at a crunch meeting yesterday. It had been under severe pressure since two of the three biggest beneficiaries of the project, the airport owner BAA and Canary Wharf Group, pledged voluntary contributions last week.

Meanwhile, The Independent states that Gordon Brown is likely to announce the formal go-ahead for the scheme next week, despite the obvious and very serious funding problems which it faces.

Finally, the FT runs an article about opposition to CrossRail in the north of England, as badly needed infrastructure funds are diverted to London, not delivering an estimated £10bn of economic benefits to the region.

London Tops City Transport Poll

The BBC carries the news that the TripAdvisor website has awarded London as having the best public transport for the second year running:

World travellers have voted London the best city for public transport, for the second year running. London also topped the poll, by holiday review site TripAdvisor, for having the safest public transport, best subway or Metro system, and the best taxis.

Travellers also considered London to have the most costly transport system.