Newslinks: London's latest transport news

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The latest transport newslinks below. If we've missed something, please get in touch.


Left Foot Forward is concerned about the Mayor's Olympic planning.

And this is one of the reasons why:

TfL's plan to beat Jubilee line misery: Don't use it [Evening Standard]

And whilst we're on it, Dave Hill has been playing with the Olympic Journey Planner. This time it's not transport delays holding things up - it's lengthy security checks.


So, the Jubilee Line cost double its original estimate to upgrade:

"In 2002, private firm Tube Lines' said the upgrade would cost £285.3m. Transport for London - which took over the work - has now revealed the final project cost was £721m.

"Work had been expected to finish by the end of 2009 - but was finally completed this July." [BBC]

"Just more than 85 per cent of the total, £614m, was spent under the PPP arrangements and before Tube Lines transferred to TfL in the summer of 2010." [TfL]

At least it's not cold on there:

Tube temperatures: A place where it's 30C in October - [BBC]


BAA have announced that they're putting Edinburgh Airport up for sale, meeting the Competition Commission's requirements [Reuters].

The Deputy Leader of Medway Council has some harsh words for the Mayor's airport policy:

“We notice that the Mayor of London’s imaginary planes continue to circle around Medway and Kent, despite the fact that he and his office seem to be the only people in the UK that actually want an airport on or near the Thames estuary." [Kent News]

Meanwhile, over at Gatwick, GIP have announced that they don't expect to need a second runway until 2030 [PA].

Justine Greening

Christian Wolmar considers the new Transport Secretary's inbox:

"As MP for Putney, under the Heathrow flight path, she will clearly not countenance any change on the runway policy and support for HS2 is a bedrock of Tory policy, even if, under closer scrutiny, the figures do not add up."

Over at City AM, Allister Heath gives his own view.


Want to know when your bus is due? Countdown II has arrived. The Register has all the details and more.

The Economist examines the London 'bus wars'.


London Reconnections takes a look at the future of London's Rail Network.

TfL have warned against financing HS2 through PFI [The Guardian].

And finally…

TfL's taxi bill since 2009? £6.6m. Ouch [The Mirror].

TfL is owed £9.6m in unpaid pollution fines [BBC].