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Pay Deal

A four year pay deal - offering the chance of no strike action over pay until 2015 - has been recommended by Unions for acceptance:

"Under the deal, staff will get a 5% pay increase this year followed by RPI inflation plus 0.5% in the subsequent three years.

"Industry sources said that if RPI inflation stays reasonably high, some tube staff will receive a pay rise approaching 20% by the end of the settlement period.

"The pay of tube drivers, currently about £46,000, will go over £50,000, while some staff could receive a £10,000 pay rise over the four years, it was estimated."

Those are some eye-watering figures. However, the prospect of of a strike-free London is too good to pass up and it's a credit to both sides that they remained at the negotiating table. (TfL release here).


Christian Wolmar thinks that the Mayor hasn't delivered:

"It’s not just that we have heard it all before. It’s the number of times that such promises have been broken."

Boris Bikes

Tom Edwards has uncovered the story that some 'Boris Bikes' are being used for nefarious means.

And finally…

…it turns out LU are using a 'toxic' chemical to clear weeds on their land, 18 months after the EC suggested its use was halted [BBC].