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The latest transport newslinks below. If we've missed something, please get in touch.


Simon Jenkins writes a cheery and optimistic piece in the Standard about the upcoming Games:

"Is someone trying to sabotage the Olympics by making the event fiercely unpopular with the people of London? Not a week passes without a headline mentioning Olympics with the words "threat ... menace ... chaos", usually above an announcement from the Olympics authority. What is going on?"


LondonReconnections features Peter Hendy's fascinating report to the TfL Board regarding the riots.

Election 2012

The once (and future?) Mayor, Ken Livingstone, has pledged a 5% cut and fare freeze in 2013 should he be elected. There must be an election going on [The Guardian]. Unsurprisingly, Team Boris has accused him of using dodgy figures [Evening Standard].


International Business Times profile Heathrow airport's driverless pods. More from Reuters here.

Stuart Fraser from the City of London Corporation writes an open letter to the Standard asking for direction from Government on aviation policy:

"Unless ministers take action now, we risk our aviation policy spiralling out of control. We are standing still while our rivals build for the future. Worryingly, this means our ability to access key high-growth markets is becoming severely constrained - something we cannot afford at a time when the global economy is on the edge of a precipice."

Elsewhere, there is more agitation for 'Boris Island' to be built (from one of the Mayor's own advisors).

Cable car

£25m… £45m… £60m… the rising cost of London's Olympic cable car scheme (which may not be ready for the Olympics) [Tom Edwards].


LondonReconnections answers a sensible question: why we do (and don't) extend Tube lines.

In other news

Ken & Chelsea has claimed that it's actually TfL's refusal to pay for longer working hours on the Albert Bridge has added to set-backs. [Evening Standard].

This Is Money has done the sums and found that it's cheaper to commute into London than buying close to work.

A new pier has opened at Vauxhall, the first of a number designed to expand pier capacity and river usage by commuters [BBC].

Aedas have been appointed to revamp Euston Station [LondonReconnections].