Newslinks | 2nd October 2007

The NewsEditor

Flaming Bendy Buses The Evening Standard carries a piece about the propensity for bendy buses to burst into flames.

London TravelWatch spokeswoman Jo de Bank said: "We are very lucky that no one was on board this bus as we could have been dealing with very serious injuries and even fatalities.

"In the past we have similarly been lucky that people have escaped unhurt.

"Safety of the passenger must be of paramount importance and this incident must be urgently investigated." The fire led to bus drivers writing of their concerns on the internet. One said: "How many more fires will it take until Transport for London removes these mobile fire hazards from the streets?"

Incidents such as this are certainly going to be high on the news agenda as Boris Johnson, the Conservative candidate for Mayor, has set himself against Ken Livingstone in saying that he wants to scrap the buses altogether.

Bloomberg Approves of Congestion Charge

The BBC carries a story about Mayor Bloomberg of New York praising the Congestion Charge, and stating that he aims to look into introducing it in his city.

Olympic Park Plans Approved

The BBC also carries the news that the plans for the Olympic Park have been approved. With the infrastructure plans to still be submitted, there is time for the elected officials who guide London's transport policy to look at innovative ideas which could be trialled there before being launched across London as a whole.

Boris Johnson's Policy Commitments

A London News clip (available here) shows a report on Mr Johnson at Conservative Party Conference, promising a more detailed manifesto towards the end of the year.