Newslinks | 16th May 2007

The NewsEditor

South West rail stations receive cycle facilities boost "Transport for London (TfL) and South West Trains have invested £250,000 to install better cycle facilities at 13 popular London rail stations in South West London." [from TfL]

Children teaching adults

"Children from Strand-on-the-Green Infant and Junior schools explained to the Mayor how they are helping to rid our roads of congestion and leading the way in saving the planet and themselves.

"The pupils have been working together to implement a School Travel Plan as part of a national initiative to get kids active." [from the Richmond and Twickenham Times]

Embassies paying tax despite avoiding parking fines

"London Boroughs are owed many millions of pounds in unpaid and overdue fines." [from Financial Director]

Call for reduction in London speed limit

"Much of London could be subject to a 20mph speed limit if the London Assembly Green party has its way. The body has recommended to London mayor Ken Livingstone that the speed limit in residential and central areas of the city be lowered within the next three years.

"The measure - which has been endorsed by road safety pressure groups such as cyclists organisation CTC - is being pushed on the mayor by Jenny Jones, his road safety adviser." [from Intranetics]

Mayor of London discusses congestion charge with world cities

"Livingstone outlined how congestion charging had been essential to revitalise the city, creating less congested roads and cleaner air. London has become the only major city in the world to see a shift from Londoners using their cars and switching to public transport, cycling or walking. The Mayor outlined how he will be taking forward plans to discourage Londoners from using the most gas-guzzling type of vehicles through the congestion charge. The Mayor's transport body, Transport for London is currently producing a plan to charge the highest emissions vehicles in the capital 25 pounds a day to enter the congestion charge zone. The lowest emission vehicles would receive a 100 per cent discount." [from TfL]

New car pollution scanners tested "Vehicle emissions measuring equipment which could help enforce the planned Low Emission Zone has been tested." [from BBC News Online]

Poor transport ‘threat to economy’

"Martin Broughton, BA chairman, told the chancellor that a generation of underinvestment in roads, railways and power generation had to be tackled as a matter of urgency.

“'We seem to be prepared to spend £10bn on staging the Olympics in East London, but can’t find the money for a railway through London to get there.'" [from the FT]