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This week's transport newslinks:

Google Travel?

Using the London Datastore information made available by the Mayor, Google are now offering public transport directions within Google Maps [Official Google Blog].

Union moves and mergers

Tom Edwards comments on the potential TSSA/RMT merger:

"It will be very interesting to see where the new union - if it happens - ends up politically. Some have already said the move is disappointing as they fear TSSA will lose its voice."

Whilst the TSSA has followed the RMT's decision to reject TfL's latest pay offer [].


TfL, with typical aplomb, are hailing the results of the Mayor's Cycle Taskforce, having 'pedalled their way to over 200 arrests.'

And speaking of cycling, The Guardian lists the 10 worst gyratories for cyclists. No 1? Wandsworth Town Centre. Given its proximity to a popular shopping centre and local amenities, no-doubt a future site for…

…the recently announced (and welcome) expansion of the cycle hire scheme into West and South West London [BBC] planned for 2013. Pre-Olympics, however, the scheme will stretch further East, serving areas closer to the Olympic Park.

Barclays, the original scheme sponsor, has been retained as such until at least 2018 for a cost of £25m [Bloomberg].

Christian Wolmar, meanwhile, takes issue with the lack of strategy behind the scheme:

"The real failure, though, is that TfL and Boris are not thinking through the implications of getting many more people to cycle. Space has to be allocated to cyclists, and taken away from motorists. That’s the key lesson that Boris, in particular, will never learn or rather the policy he will never dare to implement."


The Mayor claims that transport at the Olympics will be 'perfect' [London24]. The BBC looks at the challenge of making that happen.

Tube listings

16 additional Tube stations have been granted Grade II listed status (56 are already on the register). The Independent gives a rundown of each station.

In brief

We've had the hoo-ha over The Beast not paying it's Congestion Charge promptly. Now, The Telegraph lists the league table of outstanding international parking fines from Embassies based in the UK.

The Transport Secretary has claimed that HS2 will end the North-South divide [Manchester Evening News].

Rory Cellan-Jones examines the possibilities of taking an electric car out of a town or city [BBC].