Transport Newslinks | 21 July 2011

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Today's Transport Newslinks

Olympic recognition & responsibility

The Olympic Velodrome has been nominated for the Stirling Prize for architecture [BBC slideshow].

Reuters reports that Londoners are concerned about the strain that the Olympics will put on the transport network.

And the Standard reports that "London taxpayers could be landed with a multi-million-pound bill to fund free travel for Olympics ticket holders."

The Mayor's Airport Dreams

"Are Boris's Thames Estuary plans a fantasy worth realising?" asks the Standard.

Our Tube: Antique, vital & expensive to run

Tom Edwards examines the antique systems which have led to so many District Line delays recently...

...while residents and businesses fear the effect of closing the Olympia Branch on week days [Fulham Chronicle].

Meanwhile, the RMT have rejected TfL's latest pay-offer. Negotiations continue [BBC].

In brief:

The President of the United States faces a fine for not paying his Congestion Charge in time [Evening Standard].

Two new cycle superhighways have opened: Bow to Algate & Wandsworth to Westminster [TfL].