Newslinks | 27th September 2007

LondonUnlocked, The NewsEditor

Boris Johnson selected as Conservative candidate for Mayor ConservativeHome has the full story on Boris Johnson's election to the position of Conservative candidate for Mayor.

The breakdown of votes was as follows:

Boris Johnson: 15,661 (79.0%) Victoria Borwick: 1,869 (9.4%) Andrew Boff: 1,674 (8.4%) Warwick Lightfoot: 609 (3.1%)

With Mr Johnson selected as Tory candidate, we get a fuller picture of the upcoming Mayoral election. Ken Livingstone stands again for Labour, Boris Johnson for the Conservatives, and Sian Berry for the Green Party. The Liberal Democrats have yet to choose their candidate from a shortlist of three.

CrossRail Funding

Ken Livingstone announced that "London's long-awaited Crossrail project currently faces a funding shortfall of £300m" at Labour Party Conference, reports Transport Briefing:

"...Livingstone appealed to businesses to provide the "last few hundred million pounds" required to fund Crossrail. He said ministers working on the funding package had received financial commitments only 2% short of the £15bn total price tag. "We just need the last few hundred million pounds from the city corporations," said Livingstone. "If you don't offer it up voluntarily they [the government] might give me the power to raise it," he added. "

Mr Livingstone meets with City representatives today in an attempt to secure the funding shortfall.