Newslinks: Thameslink confirmed | Winter preparedness | Mobiles on the Tube | New bridges | Cable cars | Strike talks

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  • Thameslink is confirmed by the Transport Minister. Not all are happy about the delay though.
  • It's that time of year... TfL are bragging about their 27,000 tonne salt reserve and winter-readiness. Will it be enough?
  • More details on the extension of mobile coverage into the Tube.
  • A month of chaos on the Tube. It feels like longer.
  • New bridges, east of London Bridge, are being actively considered by the Mayor.
  • The Mayor is calling on BIS to fund part of his cable car project.
  • Talks between LU and the unions are ongoing. Will there be a last-minute breakthrough, or will London suffer through another 24 hour strike from 18.30 on Sunday?