Newslinks | 24th September 2007

The NewsEditor

Commuters Favour Cars The BBC leads this morning with the news that a RAC Foundation study suggests that "as many as 71% of British workers travel to work by car".

There are many interesting figures in the report, notably that London commuters face the highest Co2 levels, and that the average commute is 86 minutes, compared to 54 across the UK.

LondonUnlocked completely supports Edmund King's (RAC Chief Exec) call:

[we need] more support for home-working, better public transport systems and affordable parking at workplaces that do not have public transport access.

We believe that there is simply too much stick and not enough carrot in trying to take people from their cars and on to public transport.

Metronet Bills

The Evening Standard carries the story, reported on this site earlier, that commuters and taxpayers face a £1billion bill following the collapse of Metronet. TfL has made statements making it clear that this will not be the case.

Chris Bolt, the arbiter of the PPP, has made the assessments which total this figure though Ken Livingstone and TfL strongly dispute the analysis which led to these.

Interestingly, the Standard states that "metronet's selfinflicted troubles will be a boost for the Mayor as he continues to "save" the Tube during his campaign for re-election next year."