The CSR and London


London has done better than expected in the coalition Government's Comprehensive Spending Review.

The broad strokes for London transport are as follows:

  • Tickets on LU and buses will rise by two percentage points above the rate of inflation. Similar increases are expected until 2015.
  • CrossRail funding has been secured, but with a delay of a year. This should save c£1.5bn in project costs and deliver 10% extra transport capacity to London by 2018.
  • The Tube upgrade programme has been allocated £6bn over four years.
  • Concessionary fares on London's buses will not be cut.
  • TfL's annual grant from the Treasury will be reduced by 21% over four years.
  • Rail prices are set to increase by 3% over RPI.
  • Tolls on the Dartford Crossing will rise to £2 next year, and to £2.50 in 2012.
  • The Congestion Charge will rise from £8 to £10 next year.
  • The bike hire scheme is set to be extended to the East of London for the Olympics.
  • The M25 widening programme will continue between 10 different junctions.

The full CSR report can be found here, and the Mayor's reaction here.

UPDATE: LondonReconnections has more here, and Mind the Gap here .