Newslinks | 19th September 2007

The NewsEditor

TfL Online Penalty Checker Launched TfL has launched an online Penalty Checker which will allow those purchasing second hand cars to see if there are debts outstanding for the congestion charge on that vehicle.

Many people are hit by charges when cars are sold on this way, and the scheme is a useful one. LondonUnlocked would like it to extend further however, detailing the savings that can be made from using different types of fuel (eg LPG, electric), and smaller vehicles. There should be a facility to register online to gain discounts and exemptions for these vehicles when entering the CC zone.


International Construction Review details the next stages for CrossRail before formal approval is granted for the scheme to go ahead.

"...the government is wary of the mounting costs. A clear indication of this came last April when the select committee insisted that a station at Woolwich be included in the route.

Tom Harris, the transport under-secretary, told the Commons that, at £186 million, the cost of a Woolwich station to the public purse was too high to justify. The Prime Minister is bound to use similar words when he tells the Commons about the Government’s proposals for funding the entire project in the next session of Parliament.

However, Berkeley Homes, which has extensive development plans for land around the new station, came up with a scheme whereby most of the additional cost – some £150 million — would be met by contributions from the private sector.

Berkeley offered to build the basic box structure for the station, but the fitting out costs would have to be met by other businesses which stand to benefit."