Newslinks | 18th September 2007

The NewsEditor

Rail Greener than Road RoadTransport reports on TfL's Rail Strategy paper, which estimates that up to 176 million truck miles can be removed from the roads each year.

The TfL strategy includes:

Improving passenger/rail freight routes Encouraging more efficient use of rail networks, including the use of night routes Increasing the length of freight trains Encouraging the development of multimodal distribution centres Supporting freight upgrading schemes outside London

LondonUnlocked has linked to this document in the past, and believes that it is well worth looking at - any movement of freight off our roads is a move in the right direction.

Electric Buses

The Economist carries a fascinating article on the history of electric buses in London.

The article is a fine example of a superior technology being dropped due to mismanagement and ends by showing other, similar, systems in use around the world today, effectively using the same system.

LondonUnlocked applauds the use of hybrid buses currently, but we would like to see more examination of the pure electric schemes used around the world, and how they could be used in London.