Newslinks | Bike hire updates, Olympic transport growth, Tube Lines' future, Son of Routemaster, Popemobile exemption

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To start, some cycle hire news:

  • Tourists and casual users will be prevented from using the scheme until the end of 2010 [BBC].
  • The redistribution of bikes has led to the hiring of a fleet of vehicles to top up the cycle bays near mainline stations [Mind the Gap].
  • Half a million journeys have now taken place on the scheme (roughly 18,500 a day) [TFL].
  • Finally, the London Assembly is holding a short enquiry into cycling in the capital. Complete a short survey here.

Now the rest of the news from around the web:

  • Transport issues are a key concern to businesses investing in the area around the Olympic site says a new report [PA].
  • TfL are now consulting with staff and unions over the future shape of Tube Lines [TfL].
  • Mind the Gap takes a tour of the 'son of Routemaster'.

And finally...

  • The Mayor has asked for the Popemobile to be exempted from the Congestion Charge [BBC].