Newslinks | 17th September 2007

The NewsEditor

Metronet The Times' Business section carries an interesting article on the current situation with Metronet, and the behind the scenes negotiations running presently:

"TfL’s intervention will make most private contractors think twice about entering the race. A senior executive who attended the CBI meeting said: “A bidder would have to take on Metronet’s existing debt (which stands at about £1.6 billion) and the existing contracts, which Metronet’s own experience has perhaps shown are not deliverable. On top of that, you will be going against the wishes of Tf L, which has said it wants to take over the work itself. I just don’t see any upside at the moment.”

Cycling Figures

Cycling England released figures today showing that a small investment from the Government in cycling would bring substantial savings in other sectors, reports the Times:

"Cycling England says a 20% increase in bicycle journeys would lower healthcare costs and reduce congestion. It adds that by making a £70m annual investment in cycling initiatives the government could cut up to 54m car journeys a year by 2012 and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 35,000 tonnes."

Livingstone attacks Boris Johnson's record

Ken Livingstone has issued a list of what he considers his greatest transport achievements, contrasting them with the Tory frontrunner for the nomination, Boris Johnson.

Mayorwatch carries the entire article, showing one of the first volleys in what looks like being a dirty campaign.