Newslinks | 10th September 2007

The NewsEditor

More Tube Strikes? Despite it being widely reported that last week's tube strikes accomplished nothing, Bob Crow, RMT Leader, is threatening further industrial action. Reports the AFP:

Crow said on Sunday that the issue of RMT workers being transferred to other employers after the collapse of private firm Metronet had not yet been settled.

"The strike will certainly be back on if they try to transfer our members," he said.

Transport for London (TfL), which runs the capital's public transport system, refused to back down over the threat, however.

"All of the trade unions, including the RMT were given firm assurances before the RMT went on strike, by the Mayor, the administrator and Metronet that there would be no cut in jobs or pensions or transfers imposed as a result of the collapse of Metronet," a TfL spokesman said.

"Nothing has changed."

Car Chaos

The Campaign for Better Transport has released figures suggesting that by 2031 there will be an additional 6m cars on our roads - a number that would cause an environmental catastrophe, and gridlock on the streets.

The Guardian reports:

According to government projections, a further 5.7m cars will be on British roads over the next 20 years, increasing the overall traffic load by 30%. Stephen Joseph, executive director of the Campaign for Better Transport, said: "We can't go on like this. Traffic is destroying our communities, our health and our environment. The government must stop catering for all this traffic and instead give people and businesses good alternatives to driving."

Motorists' groups have warned that any policy to limit driving or make it more expensive would be politically dangerous. Road pricing, as a policy to curb vehicle use, has suffered a public backlash before its introduction in the UK. Nearly 2 million people signed an online petition calling for pay-as-you-drive schemes to be dropped.

The Campaign for Better Transport, formerly known as Transport 2000, said the government should push ahead with road pricing and implement a nationwide scheme tackling carbon dioxide emissions as well as congestion.

LondonUnlocked Hiatus

LondonUnlocked will be taking a three day hiatus from Tuesday 11th September. Normal service will resume upon my return, including interviews with more Mayoral candidates, and a profile of a new London-launched transport scheme. Stay tuned and thanks for your support!