Newslinks | 7th September 2007

The NewsEditor

Metronet Strikes The Times carries a good Q & A regarding the recent (and upcoming) strikes by Metronet workers.

Meanwhile, the Economist covers the same issue, looking at the long term impact of such strikes:

"The ultimate cause is simply that the RMT is powerful whereas government is weak. The union has the power to cause massive disruption in Britain's capital and is not afraid to exploit it. The RMT threatens to walk out on most New Year's Eves and its industrial disputes are frequent enough to have inspired a profane popular song. But with London so dependent on public transport, politicians and managers have little option but to cut deals."

Cycling in London

Bike Radar carries an interview with Jenny Jones, the Mayor's cycling tsar. It makes interesting reading, and in light of the projects which LondonUnlocked has supported in the past (such as the new Thames cycle bridge), makes the reader quite optimistic:

I really do just want a constant increase in the money for cycling. If we're going to make up for this deficit of decades then we have to be quite robust in pushing forward with cycling measures.

Freight Strategy

Finally, TfL has published its rail freight strategy, outlining how services should develop until 2016. The full report is available for download here, and I have placed a link in the 'Research and Stats' area of the site.