Newslinks | Transport Secretary on motorists, CrossRail, Heathrow, BA. Volcanic ash update, Routemaster designs, Transport Strategy.

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  • Post election, we have a new Transport Secretary - Philip Hammond. Christian Wolmar has penned an open letter to him, here.
  • Mr Hammond's first statement as Transport Secretary - that the Government will "end Labour's war on the motorist", whatever that means. Second? CrossRail is secure.
  • Third? Heathrow's 3rd runway is cancelled. What does the Mayor think of this?
  • Fourth? Mr Hammond wades into the ongoing BA strike talks and tells strikers to adapt or die. A busy week so far...
  • In other news, volcanic ash continues to play havoc with the UK and Ireland's airports.
  • The new Routemaster designs will be unveiled later today (apparently Londoner's lowest transport priority).
  • And finally, Dave Hill goes digging in the latest iteration of the Mayor's Transport Strategy. Fascinating stuff.