Election 2010: Key Transport Policies

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The Liberal/Conservative coalition has agreed a programme for Government which includes a sketch of their transport priorities, here.

Conservative Party (policy page)

  • support Crossrail project following 'forensic review' of finances
  • UPDATE 19/04: Some doubt cast on CrossRail by Justine Greening...
  • UPDATE 05/05: Shadow Chancellor George Osborne confirms Tory CrossRail commitment.
  • break up BAA monopoly over airports in the South-East
  • expand the remit of the Office of Rail Regulation to focus on consumer
  • oppose the third runway at Heathrow
  • require local authorities to show new speed cameras are justified for safety reasons
  • develop a HS rail line, running via Heathrow
  • oppose road-pricing
  • Fair Fuel Stabiliser to balance fuel prices

Green Party (policy page)

  • double bus fleet size
  • subsidise bus fares
  • bring the railway system back into public ownership and invest in track and rolling stock, and on urban tram schemes
  • provide a £3bn subsidy to cut UK rail fares by one third
  • block all new airport runways, including third runway at Heathrow
  • block any more major new roads
  • levy an aviation fuel tax on all planes arriving in, or departing from, EU airports
  • charge VAT on aviation
  • increase road fuel tax incrementally
  • support the principle of road charging for motorised vehicles
  • promote walking and cycling.

Labour Party (policy page)

  • support CrossRail
  • support HS rail from London to Manchester and Leeds via Birmingham
  • support third runway for Heathrow once air, noise & carbon emission targets met
  • £10bn rail expansion programme planned for 2009-14, including £5.5bn for Thameslink,
  • rule out road pricing before 2015
  • stagger 2010 increase in fuel duty, with 1p increase in in April, 1p in October; and 1p in January 2011
  • UPDATE 12/04: Labour reverse their support for an additional runway at Stansted
  • UPDATE 19/04: trebling the number of secure cycle storage spaces at rail stations

Liberal Democrats (policy page)

  • set up a Future Transport Fund to improve the public transport system, paid for by charging for road freight on motorways
  • block third runway at Heathrow
  • support Crossrail, but push for extra private sector funding
  • committed in the long-term to a revenue-neutral road-user pricing scheme on motorways and trunk roads
  • invest in UK-wide high speed rail network
  • no new major road-building schemes "unless the benefits are clear"
  • require new office blocks and other places of employment to have proper facilities for cycling
  • UPDATE 13/04: The Lib Dems launch their London Manifesto with no mention of transport...

Monster Raving Loony Party

UK Independence Party (policy page)

  • introduce a 'Britdisc' for foreign lorries using British roads
  • return government fuel tax windfalls to motorists if oil prices rise above a set price
  • invest in three new high-speed rail lines; allow longer rail franchise periods
  • scrap London Crossrail project
  • oppose a sixth terminal and third runway at Heathrow, but support the case for a new London Airport in the Thames Estuary
  • give residents a vote on speed cameras and remove them where they "serve no use"
  • UPDATE 19/04: making cyclists get off and walk at junctions and roundabouts
  • UPDATE 19/04: forcing cyclists to get insurance in case they damage a car

This list will be added to as more policies are announced/uncovered.

Sources: BBC, Conservative, Green, Labour, Lib Dem & UKIP party pages, The Guardian, This Is London.