Newslinks | 31st August 2007

The NewsEditor

DLR turns 20 today TfL has issued a press release to let us know that the Docklands Light Railway is twenty years old today.

The article goes on to note some incredible statistics about the service:

"...the DLR is carrying 60 million people a year... more than 150,000 jobs and 200,000 homes have been attracted to areas where the DLR runs... customer satisfaction lies at an extraordinary 96 per cent, and reliability tops all British rail networks at 97 per cent."

The DLR was instrumental in the regeneration of the East End of London - a well thought out scheme that led to Canary Wharf being the 'new City' that it is today, and helping to make an inaccessible and deprived area key in fueling the incredible growth of London as we know it today. It has helped cement communities, tie areas together, and regenerate run-down areas.

It is projects such as the DLR which the next generation of politicians need to look at in order to ensure that London can continue to grow and thrive.

No Place for Tradition

James Medhurst writes in the New Statesman about the lack of accessibility for disabled people on the Tube. Well worth a read.

Commute Times Growing

Meanwhile, Ben Webster from the Times writes that the average commute is getting longer.

This is yet another area that politicians need to look at - ensuring that there is a viable public transport network to help prevent people using their cars on longer, more congested, commutes.