Boris' airport fails to take off.


Londonist summarises the situation perfectly here - local politicians, the RSPB, Cameron, and the airlines are against his plans for a London estuary airport.

So, what next?

Well, the Mayor seems to plough on with the scheme. He sent his Deputy, Kit Malthouse, to meet concerned Kent politicians yesterday and still backs the scheme. However, the New Civil Engineer picks up that even Doug Oakervee (Boris' lead on the issue) may be quietly backing away from his role with the project.

If that's the case, will the Mayor drop his plans, or will it be Mr Johnson & Mr Malthouse against the world?

LondonUnlocked believes that there's still scope for a discussion about the future of air travel in London and that the Estuary Airport idea - whilst maybe not the final solution - should be considered as part of the mix. Londoners, commuters, and international travellers should be able to travel through a modern, easy to access and connected London airport. Perhaps this can be the starting shot of a bigger debate?