Newslinks | 23rd August 2007

The NewsEditor

Chavez Petrol 'immoral' Angie Bray, the Leader of the Conservatives on the London Assembly has slammed the Mayor's decision to take petrol from Hugo Chavez, who last week outlined plans to extend his term into an elected dictatorship:

"This deal makes me uncomfortable, Ken is exploiting poorer countries to win votes for himself and that will make Londoners uncomfortable.

"He signed the petition for Make Poverty History enthusiastically and yet now he has turned around and taken from the poor.

"He needs to be looking at how he structures his transport policy as we should be able to reduce fares without having to go cap in hand to another country."

[from the Ealing Times]

This is an issue which is going to keep coming up during the Mayoral election - the reach of the Mayor's office, and what his or her priorities should be both for London, and as an ambassador on behalf of London.

We reported days ago that Venezuelans are unhappy with the deal that was done. What seemed like a good public relations wheeze a few months ago may now come back to bite the Mayor, and harm the stability of our transport network in the long term.

Victoria Transport Hub Moves a Step Closer

Transport Briefing reports that the planning application has been submitted for land on and adjacent to Victoria Station, which if approved, will create a modern transport hub in the centre of London:

Currently, more than 115 million people pass through Victoria Station each year. The Victoria Transport Interchange proposals, master-planned by architects Kohn Pederson Fox Associates, will improve the District and Circle Line station, enhance the pedestrian environment, widen pavements and improve facilities for cyclists.

Projects such as these are essential in making London a viable world city, which continues to attract business and tourism from around the world.