Newslinks | 21st August 2007

The NewsEditor

Congestion Charge Cash Bonanza? Autocar has carried out an estimate, based on TfL's own figures, of the cost of the proposed £25 Congestion Charge for larger vehicles. According to their figures:

Overall the extra revenue flowing into TfL’s coffers could be as high as £172m, the difference between today’s £8 charge and the proposed £25. Alone that would be enough to pay for the scheme’s running costs, last year £156m. And the true potential for revenue raising from the proposed change could be much higher, according to figures from the car-makers body, the SMMT. These show that 173,237 band G cars are currently registered in Greater London — the area inside the M25. Older models with engines over 3.0-litres number 68,442.

New Cycling Routes

Meanwhile, the BBC reports that 14 new maps have been released, covering 4,000km of cycle routes across London:

All London Cycle Guide routes have been ridden and recommended by experienced riders.

The launch comes a month before London Freewheel when people can cycle a 14km traffic-free route in central London.