Local Transport Improvements


TfL issued a flurry of press releases yesterday on the funding 'awarded' to each borough to implement the Mayor's Transport Strategy locally.

For those of us lucky enough to have signed up to TfL's releases, that meant a separate announcement for each borough. A selection here: Kingston, Redbridge, Richmond, Lewisham.

Most interesting are the funding announcements for the eight boroughs which cover the first two 'cycle superhighways'. Split over cycle training, awareness, parking and the mysteriously named 'additional funding', the money paves the way for the first tranche of the project to be delivered.

The text from Newham's announcement below:

Alongside Local Implementation Plan (LIP) allocations for cycling projects, the Mayor announced an additional £191,000 for Newham as part of £1.49m funding for the eight boroughs benefitting from the two pilot Cycle Superhighways being delivered next year.

The money has been allocated to provide the appropriate cycle training, parking and maintenance to address the increase in demand from residents living near the new cycling infrastructure, part of the Mayor's cycling revolution in London.

The money allocated to Newham is as follows:

Cycle training


Cycle maintenance/travel awareness


Cycle parking


Additional funding subject to further work


20 0 0 171
Total 191

If you spot anything else being announced either by TfL or the boroughs themselves over the next few days, please let us know.