The Future of Tube Lines & PPP


As it is announced that the Jubilee Line will be closed until Easter in order to complete upgrade and maintenance work, the future of Tube Lines, the PPP consortium which manages the maintenance of several Tube Lines, is in doubt.

Following a Telegraph article suggesting a TfL-led take-over of Tube Lines, the organisation has denied an approach, but leaves the door open to one:

"Tube Lines is not aware of any such offer having been made by Transport for London to its shareholders. Any offer would be a matter for the shareholders."

Christian Wolmar suggests a further reason for Tube Lines to be open to such a bid. He has "been hearing reports that the PPP Arbiter for the Tube, Chris Bolt, is minded to rule much nearer TfL’s estimate of the cost of the next 7.5 year period than the amount Tube Lines is seeking."

This would be a major blow to Tube Lines and, as Wolmar suggests, might lead to the death of PPP with TfL taking the remainder of Tube maintenance work in-house. No bad thing, he argues.

We might be tempted to agree.