Newslinks | 17th August 2007

LondonUnlocked, The NewsEditor

Heathrow's Essential Problem:

It boils down to this: why is one of the world's busiest airports and its surrounding netherworld located 15 miles from London, on a site chosen during the second world war, now boxed in by housing, and expanded and altered over 60 years with precious little strategic vision? You only need travel abroad to grasp what's wrong: while so many of the world's airports now offer acres of space, futuristic flash and carefully designed passenger comfort, Heathrow has the distinct air of a project made up as people went along. It is, in effect, a very British botch-up.

John Harris writes in the Guardian about the failings of Heathrow, and the plans being made at the Climate Action Camp.

How to make friends and influence people? Venezuela's Cheap Oil writes about the new poster campaign running in London following the Mayor's deal with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez over cheap fuel for TfL buses. Offering half-price fares for those in income support, VHeadline raises the question of what Venezuelan's get back for their President's generosity: has been trying to contact officials at Transport for London to see if Venezuelan ex-pats on low incomes can apply but the promised return calls remain just that ... pure promise.

The same phenomenon occurs when one attempts to gain information from the Mayor's Office international department.

Perhaps this is not the best way to raise London's standing in the world?

Congestion Charge Proposals

Road Transport reports that, whilst broadly welcomed by the industry, Ken Livingstone's fresh congestion charge proposals still contain apparent double standards.

Trade associations have welcomed a new focus on cars' contribution to pollution, but are confused by the proposed penalisation of some high-emission vehicles, whilst others remain relatively unpunished.